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In case of emergency, please contact the Emergency and Trauma Department of Tirupati Stone Centre. The Emergency Centre provides all the basic facilities that are required by a patient, in case urgent medical care is required. A team of qualified doctors is always present to take care of the patients requiring immediate medical care.
Please dial 011-2246-1692 to call an ambulance to carry the patient from the site of emergency to our hospital.


Urinary Stone




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Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure

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General Urology

Urology is the branch of medicine



A uretric stricture is a narrowing of

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Prostate is an organ which forms





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X-ray or ultrasound

In the past X-ray or ultrasound were used but it is becoming more common to use a CT scan to diagnose the problem.



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In this procedure, a wire-thin viewing instrument called a nephroscope is used to locate and remove the stone. An urologist in a hospital with anesthesia performs the procedure.

Online Query

My father has been diagnosed with a kidney failure...........and I snow on a regular dialysis........anything that u can suggest.

if there is swelling in legs, is it symptom of kidney infection?

Good morning sir, my name is rajan singh, my mother suffering from kidney stone about 4-5 year. She is old 42year Many madicien given like as alopathik, homeopathik, ayurvedik etc. But at this time she is not good and very hard pain founded in her back side. Sir what should i do... Beauce i can not see in pain. Please sir sujest me what i do... My mobile no. Is 07800045377

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Our Doctor

Dr. Ajay Agarwal

MMBS, MS, MCh (Urology)
Consultant Urologist & Medical Director


“ Very good treatment plus good behaviour towards patient. Over all excellent doctors and staffs.”
- Gurucharan sharma

“ Very good treatment as well as good behaviour.”
- Hari prasad pandey

“ Doctor Agrawal and his team is very supportive.”
- C. S. Bhatnagar

We, TIRUPATI STONE CENTRE, are a well-known stone treatment centre in Delhi. Founded in the year 2003 with the aim to deliver the best treatments for stone in kidney and urinary parts of human body. Also, we specialize in all sorts of urology stone problems that can be treated flawlessly by our experienced doctors and surgeons without any pain. We enable patients coming with stone pains to go with a smile after getting their stones removed by us. Our medical centre is famous for ultimate treatment of stone removal and have given the best results to many patients.

Also, we are renowned as a leading kidney stone treatment centre in Delhi since inception. The people having stones in the kidney may contact with us to get complete and guaranteed solutions for such stone problem. We assure to remove stones in the kidney with care without any major surgery and pain. For this, we have experienced doctors and surgeons, who specialize in such minor operations of removing stones in the kidney. They have expertise in treating the kidney stone patient by doing a simple insertion in the abdomen and by using a relevant medical equipment during the operation. The whole treatment will be done carefully and results will be positive for sure.

We are also a recommended urologist stone treatment centre in Delhi. As we have expertise in removing stones in urinary tract or bladder of the human body. The treatment will be done by our pioneer doctors and surgeons, who have good experience in the same treatment. Thus, the patients suffering from immense pain of the stone in urinary part of body, they should rush to us and get removed their urinary stones with ease.


Our team of qualified doctors is 24/7 present to take care of the patients requiring immediate medical care.

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