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Gall Bladder Stone Treatment

We, TIRUPATI STONE CENTRE are a pioneer centre for Gall Bladder Stone treatment in Delhi since inception. We specialize in removing single or multiple stones in gall bladder through adequate way of medical treatment and give optimum results soon. For this, we have experienced doctors and surgeons, who have expertise in removing stones in the gall bladder of the human body. They do remove stones in gall bladder by performing a minimal surgery operation that requires a small insertion in the belly and remove stones from the bladder. This treatment will be done by using latest technology based medical instruments or tools that are useful in getting stones removed from gall bladder with ease.

What are Gall Bladder Stones?
Gallstones are not exactly stones in the bladder. They are like solid pieces develop in the gall bladder. These stones give pain and also block the bile duct to not allow it for releasing bile juice.

Types of Gall Bladder Stones
There are basically two types of gall bladder stones such as:

Cholesterol Stones:These stones are commonly seen in yellow-green in colour and account for causing 80 percent of gallstones.

Pigment Stones: These stones are made up of bilirubin, a fluid that releases from bile duct. These stones are in small size and are dark in colour.

Symptoms of detecting gall bladder stones in human
Other digestive problems
Pain in your upper belly and upper back for multiple hours

Gall Bladder Stone Treatment
After detecting the presence of stone in the gall bladder through ultrasound and CT scan, the doctors and surgeons will suggest gall bladder stone treatment by various methods. For critical cases, mostly doctors or surgeons will prefer for surgery or removal of the gall bladder. Some more treatments of the gall bladder are as follows:

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
In this type of treatment, the surgeon does small insertions in abdomen and pass the instruments like a light, and a camera through small cuts in the belly. The surgeon will take a view of inside and find the gall stone that can be viewed on a video monitor. After finding the stones in the gall bladder, it will be removed by using an appropriate medical tool carefully.

Open Cholecystectomy
This treatment involves the major operation of the abdomen in which gall bladder can be removed, if the condition of the duct is worst to treat. The patient needs to be admitted in hospital till the recovery of the operation part.

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